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Targeted Safety Services

Have you identified a safety problem, but need an experienced consultant to organise, analyse and solve it?

Is your company about to embark on a safety project and require an experienced coach to guide you?

Are you aware of the impact of a safety problem but need to find out to what extent it is happening within your organisation?

Are your company’s safety processes not producing the desired results?

Do your people need improved safety methods and tools?
Hirst Consulting has had many years of managerial and consulting experience. We support our clients by working with them to find the most appropriate solution for the challenges presented.

For each challenge Hirst consulting will work with the company and the right people to deliver a positive change. The service is tailored to the individuals needs and targets the specific requirements of the client.

The main skills and services that Hirst Consulting can provide are:
  • Specific technical support targeted to the areas where it is needed;
  • Integrated management assistance which complements your existing structure;
  • Impartial and authoritative advice;
  • Services focused on achieving change rather than just compliance.
For further details on these services, or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us.