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Occupational Noise

The implementation of the European Physical Agents (Noise) Directive as the Control of Noise at Work Regulations brings into force more stringent requirements regarding the control of exposure to noise.

The main changes are the reduction by 5dB of the exposure levels at which action has to be taken, and the introduction of a new exposure limit value as well as a specific requirement on health surveillance. In practice this means that there is a requirement to ensure that noise exposure levels are reduced to meet the new regulations. Hirst Consulting can assist companies achieving legal compliance by:
  • Measurement and assessment of personal exposure to noise
  • Identify where employees are exposed to excessive levels of occupational
  • Noise mapping of workplaces to highlighting areas where noise control is required
  • Assessment of the suitability of hearing protection
  • Advice on the use of appropriate engineering controls to reduce exposure to noise.
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